An everlasting spell. An impossible quest.
Two sisters named You and Me.
A prince named Him.
An audience named Them.

Stuck on the highest branch of a tree, two sisters of royal blood disagree about their future and wonder how and if they will ever find their way back to their kingdom.
Guided by an inner voice, they follow their path, and in their search of the golden key... they find the prince.

An absurd tug of war takes place in which the potion meant for Death and the potion meant for Love, are alas, interchanged.
Now what will become of «happily ever after» ?
A subtly absurd fable. A fantastic realm filled with symbols.
A world where the landscape is made of sounds, smells and images.
A story with theatrical movement and flavours of circus.
An urge to dance, to tell a story.


Montréal Complétement Cirque Festival
July 8 - 14, Théâtre Outremont

Production Blueline Productions & Les 7 doigts de la main
By Ayin de Sela, Miriam de Sela et Gypsy Snider
On stage Ayin de Sela, Miriam de SelaWilliam Underwood Sarah Pagé (Harp & Voice) 

Music Sarah Pagé & Lhasa de Sela
Video Lluvia de Sela
Photos Alexandra Karam 
Poster picture, Montréal Complètement Cirque Tom Bouchet