Bench/ denim and underwear show was presented Sept 19, 2014 at the Mall of Asia (Manila) in front of 15,000 spectators. The fashion show, directed by Gypsy Snider, consisted of five tableaux and starred 45 Filipino celebrities, 80 fashion models, 11 circus artists and one DJ.

"I got excited not only by the look and design of Bench but by the creative direction and dynamic of the compagny. I am fascinated by fashion as an art form and was instantly excited about creating a show aournd Bench designs. I wanted to bring story and emotion to the show as well as my style of movement and circus. I wanted the audience to be moved by the performance. I wanted them to be thrilled by the sexyness of the clothing as well by the models and performers wearing the designs but also I wanted the show to be a visceral experience."
Gypsy Snider, Director


Les 7 Doigts

Direction Gypsy Snider, Les 7 Doigts

Lighting Design Nol Van Grunchen
Video Design Gabriel Coutu-Dumont & Janicke Morissette (SPS)
Video Production Geodezik