Privacy Policy

Thank you for visiting the Les 7 doigts de la main group website and for taking note of this privacy policy (hereinafter named the « Policy »). The protection of your privacy and of your personal information is important to the Group (hereinafter defined), which is why, with this Policy, we aim at securing the personal information we collect by various means within the frame of our activities, in accordance with current laws.

By browsing our website or using our systems or services, you acknowledge that you have read and understand this Policy and that you consent to your personal information being used in accordance with it.


  1. Les 7 doigts de la main
  2. Objectives of the Policy
  3. How your personal information is collected
  4. Scope
  5. Collected personal information
  6. Collection methods
  7. How we use personal information
  8. Who has access to personal information
    1. Internal use
    2. External communication of information
  9. Stocking and sharing personal information
    1. Data hosting
    2. Duration
    3. Sharing with third parties
  10. Security of personal information
  11. Your rights regarding personal information
  12. Contact us
  13. Update

1. Les 7 doigts de la main

Les 7 doigts de la main is a collective of creators, authors, directors and choreographers. In this Policy, the use of the term « Group » as well as the terms « it », « they », « we » and « us » refer to the different companies that form the organization:

  • Les 7 doigts de la main
  • Fondation Les 7 doigts de la main
  • Les 7 doigts de la main (2003) inc.
  • Amuse, les 7 doigts de la main inc.
  • 9457-4894 Québec inc.
  • 9431-8169 Québec inc.

The Group’s head office is located at 2111 boul. Saint-Laurent, Montreal (Quebec) Canada H2X 2T5.

2. Objectives of the Policy

In order to respect your privacy and protect your personal information, the Group is committed to collect, process and share information that can identify an individual only when they have given explicit or implicit consent, unless it’s permitted or required by law, in which case your consent is not required.

The Policy aims to inform users or the reasons and methods by which the Group, or any person acting on its behalf, will collect and use their personal information. It is meant to use a simple language in order to ensure informed consent from the users.

For the purpose of the Policy, we understand by « personal information » any data that can identify a person. It can be:

  • Identification information (as defined by the Commission d’accès à l’information du Québec), such as your first and last names, postal address, phone number, e-mail;
  • Financial information, such as those you may provide for our services (including the purchase of tickets);
  • Work- or school-related information, such as the one you provide for a job application;
  • Any other information directly and voluntarily provided, including in postal or e-mail messages or by contacting our customer service.

As much as possible, we will anonymize, pseudonimyze or aggregate these informations so that they cannot identify an individual.

3. How your personal information is collected

The Group is committed to obtain consent before collecting personal information on an individual; this consent can be explicit or implicit, and can be provided directly by the individual or its authorized representative.

The Group favors obtaining explicit consent, either verbally, electronically or written. However, implicit consent can be reasonably inferred by the action or inaction of an individual. For example, giving a name and phone number to obtain an answer to an inquiry is considered like an implicit consent. To determine the appropriate kind of consent, we take into account the sensitivity of the concerned personal information, to the purposes for which the information is collected, and to the reasonable expectations of an individual in a similar situation.

If the Group wants to use the information for different purposes, they will describe the intended use and require a new consent.

It’s not always possible, notably for a government request or obligation, to obtain an individual’s consent to collect, use or communicate their personal information. The Group commits to never divulge this kind of information other than in accordance with this Policy, unless the law permits it or requires it.

4. Scope

This Policy applies to all personal information collected in various ways, whether it’s completed forms, direct interactions or via technological tools used by the Group (its websites or other platforms).

The Group website has links to external sites and platforms; The Group is in no way responsible of the contents of these sites and platforms, nor of the use of personal information collected through them.

5. Collected personal information

The Group might collect and process different kinds of personal information as part of its artistic mission and during its various activities such as: hiring processes, artists casting, interns selection, creative endeavours, event productions, tour organization, research activities, philanthropy purposes, or because of legal obligations.

The Group can collect information in various forms, but will only do it by legal means and only for the purposes divulged in this Policy or when required by law. The Group only collects information required for the exercise of its functions or for the implementation of activities and programs it’s responsible for. No personal information is collected by the Group on its website or platforms unless the individual has been informed of the intended purposes of the collection and with their consent.

We protect the personal information that we collect. Among the information that we may collect and use, we pay special attention to:

  • Identity information such as names;
  • Contact information, such as an address, an e-mail, a phone number;
  • Immigration documents;
  • Financial or billing-related information, such as billing address, bank account number or payment information;
  • Information related to hiring processes, such as resumes, education and professional experiences, or details regarding professional affiliations;
  • Work- and remuneration-related information, such as a social security number;
  • Information related to performance evaluation and disciplinary documents;
  • Information related to background checks, such as a diver licence number, a medicare card, a passport or a public service bill;
  • Information required to participate in a group insurance program;
  • Date of birth;
  • Donors’ information;
  • Information collected by using our website and platforms, such as cookies, IP address, browsing history;
  • Any other personal information.

The Group does not intentionally collect information from individuals younger than 16 years old without the consent of a parent or tutor, unless the individual visits the Group website or platforms.

6. Collection methods

Here are some of the means by which the Group collects personal information:

  • Through the use of its website and platforms; for example, while visiting the Group website, personal information is collected through cookies, or when subscribing to the Group’s newsletter;
  • Directly from the individual; for example, when applying for a position, when filling a casting form, during a donation process, either by e-mail or the upload of documents on a platform or any other technological means;
  • Through another person: if you submit information on behalf another individual (friend, family member, during a visit or for an organized event), you must ensure that you have the person’s consent to share personal information with us;
  • From other sources; it’s possible that the Group has to collect personal information from other organizations, such as competent authorities in terms of immigration.

Browsing cookies

Cookies are small text files that are used to store small pieces of information. They are stored on your device when the website is loaded on your browser. These cookies help us make the website function properly, make it more secure, provide better user experience, and understand how the website performs and to analyze what works and where it needs improvement. Cookies do not collect personal identifiable information. You can modify your preferences in terms of cookies anytime through your browser’s settings.

7. How we use personal information

The personal information collected is used to ensure the Group’s operations, provide and improve service to our customers, or to meet our legal obligations.

We collect and process personal information for the purposes of:

Providing services around our artistic and commercial activities;
Optimizing and improving our services;
Identifying a person;
Communicate information required for the Group’s operations;
Offer training, learning or services;
Collecting statistics;
Communicating and transmitting information;
Digital interactions and for the management of our website and platforms;
Soliciting or invitations to our events;
Carrying out marketing and promotional activities;
Communicating with job candidates;
Keeping employee files complete and up-to-date.

The Group limits the personal information transferred to a third party or partner to the information that is reasonably required to carry out their duties. Third parties who have access to personal information that the Group has custody or control of are informed of this Policy and other applicable policies and directives to ensure the security and protection of said information. They provide written commitment to conform to applicable policies, directives and laws.

The Group may also disclose some personal information it possesses to conform to a Court ordinance, a law or a judicial procedure, including to respond to any government or regulatory obligation, in conformity with applicable laws.

8. Who has access to personal information

8.1 Internal use

The access to personal information is limited to personnel and consultants that require it to carry out their functions. Personnel and consultants are committed to protect the confidentiality of the personal information they have access to.

8.2 External communication of information

As part of its mission and activities, it’s possible that the Group share required personal information with third parties.

Government departments, agencies and organizations

For example, for the purposes of grant applications, requests for financing, for immigration, for research projects, statistics and verifications, or for law enforcement.

To suppliers, subcontractors or external partners

As part of its regular activities, for platforms or apps development, for the purposes of maintenance or security. External partners can be show producers, promoters or event organizers, located in Quebec or around the world.

The Group limits the personal information shared with these external suppliers or partners to only the information reasonably required to enable them to perform their functions. Third parties who have access to personal information possessed by the Group are made aware of this Policy and of other applicable policies or guidelines, to ensure the security and protection of said information. They commit to abide by applicable policies, guidelines and laws.   

The Group may also disclose certain information it possesses to abide to a Court order, a law, a judiciary process, including to respond to a government request or a regulation, in accordance with applicable laws.

To a buyer, a successor or assignee

In the possible context of a merger, an acquisition, any financing by loan, sale of assets or similar operation, or in case of insolvency, bankruptcy or receivership involving the transfer, to one or multiple third parties, of personal information as commercial assets.

9. Stocking and sharing personal information

9.1 Data hosting

The personal information that you share with the Group is hosted in computer servers located in Quebec (Canada) and the United States, which regulations and laws are different than ours. If this information is outside of the country, they are subjected to the laws of the country in which they are hosted, and can be disclosed to governments, tribunals and law enforcement agencies of those countries and in accordance with the laws of the country. However, the way we manage your personal information remain framed by this Policy and, if it applies, we respect the requirements of the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) by offering an adequate protection in terms of transfer or personal information between the European Union (EU) or the European Economic Area (EEA) and the third country.

9.2 Duration

The Group only stores personal information for the expected duration as described in this Policy and to abide by our legal and regulatory obligations. The retention of some personal information might be subject to a legislation or regulation, such as the judicial framework regarding the retention of employee files.

To know more about the duration for which we retain personal information, please contact the person in charge of the protection of personal information, whose name and e-mail address are at the end of this Policy.

9.3 Sharing with third parties

As stated above, it’s possible that information might be shared, hosted and processed by members of the Group and/or by third parties located in other countries, where rules about privacy can be different than their country of residence. Therefore, when information is located in a different country, it’s subject to the laws of the country where it is located, and may be subject to be communicated to governments agencies, tribunals and law enforcement organizations of said country, in accordance with its laws.

10. Security of personal information

The Group has implemented a combination of material, organizational and technological means aiming at protecting the confidentiality of the personal information we possess, and protecting it from theft or loss, as well as preventing its non-authorized access, transmission, reproduction, use or modification.

Only personnel or suppliers that require access to this personal information as part of their duties are provided access. These employees have been trained to correctly process this information, in accordance with our security protocols and our strict confidentiality standards. The Group will exert effort in accordance with the sector’s standards to prevent any loss, abusive use, unauthorized disclosure, alteration or destruction of information

Despite the measures described above, no method of transmission or hosting is entirely secure or free from errors, so that we unfortunately cannot guarantee absolute security. If you have reason to believe that your information is not secure with us (for example, if you believe the information you provided us has been compromised), please contact the person in charge of the protection of personal information, whose name and e-mail address are at the end of this Policy.

11. Your rights regarding personal information

In certain circumstances, and in accordance with applicable laws regarding privacy protection, a person has the following rights:

  • Access: the right to request access to the personal information held by the Group
  • Correction: the right to request corrections of any information held by the Group that would be inaccurate, incomplete or equivocal
  • Withdrawal: the right, in certain circumstances, to withdraw consent to the communication or use of their personal information
  • Refusal: the communication of some personal information is required and sometimes even mandatory, notably in the case of a hiring process. In this case, a refusal of transmitting the required personal information would mean the end of the hiring process

12. Contact us

For any question, complaint or comment related to this Policy, the exercise of people’s rights, or regarding the management of personal information by the Group, please contact the person in charge of the protection of personal information:

René Khayat
Vice-president – Legal and Business Affairs

For any other question, you can contact the Group at

13. Update

This Policy was last updated in December 2023.

We will update this privacy policy to reflect changes in our practices, our technology, our legal obligations and other factors. Unless otherwise stated, any modification to this Policy will become effective as soon as it is published on this page.