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Join forces with our creations!

We're always on the lookout for talent to bring to life our creations as diverse as the creative minds of our creative collective. Solo shows, Broadway musicals, prestigious international collaborations, special events, Olympic ceremonies, television performances, immersive experiences, and more are all within your reach. 

We are writers, directors, and choreographers, fusing circus and Theater, dance and multimedia, music and storytelling. Versatile circus artists, dancers, actors, musicians, singers, skaters, visual and digital artists, etc... we want to meet you!

How to apply?

The best way to show us your talent is to log in or create your Casting - 7 Fingers profile.  Once your profile is created, we will have access to your videos, photo, resume and other information from our database. Be sure to upload as much content as possible. 

Once done, or if you already have an existing profile, you can log in permanently to update your promotional material. This way we can keep track of your work. 

To know: Every time you add content, we receive a notification, and we take care to look at the new content added into your profile.



Duel Reality is a permanent show on board of Virgin Voyages cruise ships.  This show directed by Shana Carroll takes place on two different ships at the same time and the two casts of 12 artists are renewed every 4 months.