The piece’s four creators – Michel Lemieux, Victor Pilon, Chassé and Léonard – have hit on a really potent mixture of theatre, circus and digital arts.
Globe and Mail, Robert Everett-Green

Temporel is sophisticated physical theatre that uses acrobatics mainly to explore situation and character and never lets its technical brilliance steal the show.
Globe and Mail, Robert Everett-Green

Temporel marries humor, poetry and illusion with the physical expression of circus people.

Ingenious digital and virtual illusion.
ICI Musique (Canada)

At once magical, spectacular, intimate and phenomenal.
Atuvu (Canada)


A production Lemieux Pilon 4D Art in collaboration with Les 7 Doigts

The life of a man, from birth to death, is recounted out of order. He first appears as an old man, alone with countless piles of books, the forest of his memory. But all stages of his life overlap in his head: he is an adult, a baby, a senior and a child, all at the same time. Meanwhile, he’s visited by visions both real and dreamlike of past encounters emerging from the depths of his mind.

All of these stages co-exist in his never-ending search to find “his place” in this world. He longs for happiness, contact with others, true love, and he seeks to incarnate these desires in his increasingly virtual reality.

Temporel is the fusion of Lemieux Pilon and The 7 Fingers’ singular worlds: an organic marriage between multimedia and circus, in which the physicality of the performance is magnified by virtual illusions. 

Conception and staging Michel Lemieux, Victor Pilon, Patrick Léonard, Isabelle Chassé
A Bell presentation
Cast Patrick Léonard, Isabelle Chassé, Gisle Henriet                                                                    
Virtual characters Galia Léonard, Oscar LéonardAuguste Henri Wellington, Louke Henriet, Talia Henriet       

Choreography Shana Carroll
Visual conception Michel Lemieux and Victor Pilon
Original music  Julien Mineau
Set, costumes and props Anne-Séguin Poirier
Lighting design Francis Hamel
Interactive effects coding VYV Nicolas Pfeiffer
Image co-conception Normal Studio Frédéric Cordier
2D/3D animation Normal Studio Martin Paré
Sound effects design Marcin Bunar

Producer Marie-Christine Dufour
Assistant to the directors and stage manager Isabelle Painchaud
Administrator Michel Maillochon
Assistant to the directors (7 Doigts) Francisco Cruz
Production assistant  Jean-Frédéric Bergeron Poudrier

Director  Michel Lemieux
Conceptor  Victor Pilon
Artistic director Anne-Séguin Poirier
Assistant to the director Isabelle Painchaud
Director of photography Jean-François Gratton
Technical director and lighting Mathieu Ferdais                  
Costumes Pascale Bassani
Props Marie-Josée Viger
Make-up Julie Bégin
Hair  Odile Ferlatte

Technical direction Mathieu Ferdais
Mechanical scenography Jean-François Beaudoin
Sound Marcin Bunar
Lighting Émilie Noël
Video Sandy Dionne
Heads Stagehand Hugo Bourque, Albert Jomphe
Rigging Stéphane Beauchet

Costumes assistant  Pascale Bassani
Props assistant Marie-Josée Viger
Tailor Serge Boivin
Wigs Rachel Tremblay
Thanks to Karine Lafontaine and Yanick Dery

LES 7 DOIGTS and representation of the show
C.E.O. Nassib El-Husseini
Touring and development director Tina Diab 

A Lemieux Pilon 4D Art and Les 7 Doigts Production
Co-produced with: L’Espace Jean Legendre — Théatre de Compiègne Scène nationale de l’Oise en préfiguration and Place des Arts (coproduction and residency)
Technical collaboration with VYV (Montréal)
Many thanks for your support during this adventure to : Clothilde Cardinal and Marika Crête-Reizes, Eric Rouchaud, Élaine Bissonnette, Martin Granger-Piché, Emric Epstein, Judith Dubeau, Mathieu St-Arnaud, Sam Greffe, Luc Paradis, Olivier Rosa, Sabrina Gilbert, Claire Thomas, Joanie Leroux–Côté, Marion Bellin, Michoue Sylvain, Steve Paquet, Alain Cadieux and Ken Jacques.

And a huge thank you to the members of the board of directors of Lemieux Pilon 4D Art : Elaine Barsalou, Johanne Champoux, Pierre A. Raymond, Roger Duguay and Marc Petit.
Lemieux Pilon 4D Art and Les 7 Doigts are supported by the Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec, the Canada Council for the Arts and the Conseil des arts de Montréal.
This creation is dedicated to Sylvain Duguay.