Water for Elephants

Based on the critically acclaimed and best-selling novel, WATER FOR ELEPHANTS takes you on an adventure filled with romance, deception, and a little bit of magic, all under the big top of a traveling circus.

Running towards a new life, Jacob Jankowski hitches a ride on a mysterious train. He finds himself in the heart of a traveling circus, the Benzini Bros Most Spectacular Show On Earth, with a new job, a new home, and a new family. When charismatic ringmaster August brings Rosie the elephant on as the new star attraction, Jacob and August’s wife Marlena join forces to train her. As Jacob and Marlena’s shared compassion develops into love, August’s cruel nature surfaces, threatening to derail Jacob’s life once more.

Brought to theatrical life by an internationally acclaimed and innovative creative team, WATER FOR ELEPHANTS will reignite your dreams of running away with the circus. This world premiere musical is directed by Jessica Stone (Kimberly Akimbo), with a book by Rick Elice (Jersey Boys, Peter and the Starcatcher), and a score by the award-winning PigPen Theatre Co. Shana Carroll, co-Founder and Artistic Director of The 7 Fingers is part of the creative team as co-choreographer and circus designer.

This adventure of love, family and belonging speaks to us all.


"Water for Elephants bring the circus to Broadway"

At the sound of a gunshot, a performer, wreathed in white silks, tumbles from the ceiling. His body somersaults, over and over, faster and faster, until it hangs suspended, just above the stage floor. (...)

Broadway Musical and Circus Merge for Spellbinding Entertainment

Ever feel like running away from home to join a musical? Then “Water for Elephants” would be the show of choice that offers escapism, enchantment and heart — and thrills, too.

Beauty Under the Big Top

This gorgeous sequence, played out over perhaps 20 minutes, is emblematic of the many wonders awaiting audiences at the Imperial Theater, where “Water for Elephants” opened on Thursday. 


Rick Elice, Sara Gruen, Jessica Stone, Pigpen Theatre Co. 


Projection Designer: David Bengali
Music Supervisor / Vocal & Dance Arranger: Benedict Braxton-Smith
Music Supervisor / Vocal & Dance Arranger: Mary-Mithcell Campbell
Co Choreographer / Circus Designer: Shana Carroll
Associate Director: Ryan Emmons
Music Director / Conductor / Guitar: Matt Hinkley
Scenic Designer: Takeshi Kata
Lightning Designer: Bradley King
Pupper Deisgner: Camille Labarre
Sound Designer: Jessica Paz
Costumes Designer: David Israel Reynoso
Co-Choreographer: Jesse Robb
Production Stage Manager: Timothy R. Semon
Orchestrator: Daryl Waters
Rigging Designer: Danny Zen


CAST - Bradon Block, Antoine Boissereau, Rachel Boyd, Brown, Paul Castree, Taylor Colleton, Joe De Paul, Gabrielle Elisabeth, Bryan Fenkart, Sara Gettelfinger, Harry Groener, Keaton Hentoff-Killian, Nicolas Jelmoni, Caroline Kane, Joel Malkoff, Isabelle McCalla, Wade McCollum, Michael Mendez, Jo'nathan Michael, Gabriel Olivera De Paula Costa, Samuel Renaud, Marissa Rosen, Harley Ross Beckwith Mcleish, Alexandra Royer, Sean Stack, Matthiew Varvar, Ryan Vasquez, Michelle West.