"A love letter to city and the human body"
San Francisco Chronicle

“There couldn’t be a better time for Dear San Francisco”
"It’s hard not to smile, gasp, clap, or drop your mask-covered jaw in amazement."

"Explosive–street-smart rough and street-smart sexy... they are creating their own legacy"
Culture Vulture


"If it were possible to actually see the heart of San Francisco, it might look like the beautifully diverse group of awe-inspiring acrobats bouncing around the stage in Dear San Francisco: A High-Flying Love Story"
Theater Dogs

"This living, breathing love letter of a show finds joy in every leap, razzle-dazzle in every flip and absolute joy in every moment."
Theatre Dog

"Acrobats take over Club Fugazi with strength, grace and glee"
“Bursts with warmth…capture(s) the spirit and resilience of San Francisco”
San Francisco Examiner


"We LOVED IT and will be back." —Deanna H. (Audience Member)


"Intimate, dynamic, riveting, beautiful" —Sarah A (Audience Member)


"Awesome show and something totally unique. Incredibly talented performers." —Juliet K. (Audience Member)


“Amazing from start to finish. Takes you away while welcoming you home.” — (Audience Member)

Dear San Francisco

Dear San Francisco is an acrobatic love-letter to our wondrous city by the bay.

A kaleidoscopic journey through some of the most iconic and enduring themes of the city’s history, focusing on the overarching theme of repeated booms and busts and rebirths, the show hits a powerful chord just as the entertainment industry itself dares to rebuild post 2020.

A city of acceptance and daring and revolution and boundless beauty, the show seeks to capture its very essence within the historic walls of the Club Fugazi.

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"A love letter to city and the human body"

Club Fugazi has become a jazz and poetry cabaret, but one where performers read stirring lines from the Beats before diving through a dangling hoop, each acrobat zhushing the twists and turns of the jump with his, her or their unique showmanship and aura.

In another moment, the freshly renovated North Beach venue has morphed into a playground for a human with insect capabilities, as one performer bops along the interior perimeter of the gleaming white proscenium — up the wall, then upside down, supported by his castmates....

"Give me a pulsing, human troupe like The 7 Fingers any day"

If it were possible to actually see the heart of San Francisco, it might look like the beautifully diverse group of awe-inspiring acrobats bouncing around the stage in Dear San Francisco: A High-Flying Love Story. And this is not just any stage: this is Club Fugazi, the storied North Beach theater built in 1913 where Beach Blanket Babylon ran for most of its nearly five-decade run....

Video // Interview with Gypsy Snider & David Dower
“A high-flying success”

Club Fugazi is back — filled with nine sexy acrobats diving through hoops, sliding down poles, standing on top of each other, bouncing off a teeterboard, and, as the name of their show declares, soaring through the air.

“Dear San Francisco: A High-Flying Love Story” features The 7 Fingers contemporary circus troupe from Canada in the North Beach theater where, for decades, “Beach Blanket Babylon” delighted audiences with goofy songs and huge headgear until it closed in 2019....

Co-conceived and co-created by Shana Carroll and Gypsy Snider

A production of Les 7 Doigts
Directed by Shana Carroll and Gypsy Snider

With Dominic Cruz,  Susan Gabriela "Gaby" Diaz Cardozo, Eduardo Grillo, Maya Kesselman, Jose Martinez Gomez, Shengnan Pan, Ellie Rossi, Zoe Schubert and Enmeng Song.

Venue and Production Designer Alexander V. Nichols
Composer Colin Gagné
Sound Designer Jake Rodriguez
Costume Designer Keiko Carreiro
Associate Video Content Creator & Programmer Ahren Buhmann
Lighting Programming Christine Cochrane
Props Master Charis Lam
Script & Dramaturgical Consultant Sara Felder

Original Music and Lyrics Colin Gagné
In collaboration with Guillaume St-Laurent (additional music and arrangements - Hand Balancing), Jean-Sébastien Leblanc (additional music and arrangements - Hoop Diving), Antoine Seychal (additional music and arrangements - Trapeze, Teeterboard), Raphaël D'Amours (additional arrangements - Rollerskating), Isabella Diaz (Additional music and Lyrics - Diabolo)

Singers Alexandre Désilets, Mykalle Bielinsky, Ricardo Isaias Collier, Maude Brochu, Véronique Gauthier, Maude Côté-Gendron, Dominique Côté

Instruments Luzio Altobelli (Accordion), Raphaël D'Amours (Guitars), Guido Del Fabbro (Violin), Alex Dodier (Tenor Saxophone), Jonathan Gagné (Drums), Gabriel Godbout-Castonguay (Piano), Jean-Sébastien Leblanc (Clarinet, Bass Clarinet), Mathieu Roberge (Upright Bass), Guillaume St-Laurent (Piano)

Live musicians / singers Isabella Diaz , Natasha Patterson, Jérémi Lévesque, Ruben Ingwersen, Kalani June Ridolfi-Dunn

Executive Director David Dower
General Manager Eric Eislund
CEO of The 7 Fingers Nassib El-Husseini

Deborah Barrera, Erica & Russel Berg, Clair & Rob Hamner, Terry Lorant & Pete Jacobson, Timothy Mott