Duel Reality

Duel Reality is featured onboard the “Scarlet Lady” in the caribbean Sea and will be on tour in theatres in 2023.


“Two households, both alike in dignity/ In fair Verona, where we lay our scene/ From ancient grudge break to new mutiny/ Where civil blood makes civil hands unclean.” Romeo and Juliet

Circus on a whole new theatrical level. We boil this epic love story down to the core of its conflict and drop the stage into a sporting arena. The audience is seated face to face on either side of the action. They witness to two groups in opposition by default, by desire to rise above the other. Through the provocation and conflict, we catch a glimpse of our star crossed lovers. They are fierce players but still do not seem to care who wins or loses if playing the game can bring them closer together. Competition can be playful at times, it can also be dangerously serious.

Audition for the ride of your life.

New York, London, Berlin, Sydney, Melbourne, Orlando, Chicago, Las Vegas.

Artistic Direction Shana Carroll 

Assistant artistic director William Underwood 
Production Director Chloé Lacroix 
Production Assistant Sarah Lavergne
Technical Director Mathieu Ferdais 
Stage Manager Mark Eden Towle 
Set and costume design Anne-Seguin Poirier 
Costume Design Pascale Bassani 
Original music and lyrics Colin Gagné 
Sound engineer Jonathan Bicari 
Lighting Design Erwann Bernard 
Light programming Bruno Archambault 
Design of hairstyles and make-up Véronique Saint-Germain 

Current Cast - Scarlet Lady  :  Michael Carter, Frida Velasco, Arata Urawa, Gabriel Costa, Anton Erick Person, Cheya Potter, Simon Lemire, Helena Berry, Zachary Martel, Camille Langlois, Oliver Layher, Kyran Walton

 - Valiant Lady : Nicolas Jelmoni, Soen Geirnaert, Sebastian Plester, Lucas Romero, Einar Kling-Odencrants, Kalani June, Andrew Price, Sophia Oltmanns, Wladimir Andrès Amigo Reyes, Ashleigh Roper, Alan Mak, Julia Stewart