City of Buenos Aires, Argentina

The 7 Fingers were honored to perform at the Plaza de la Républicà, at the foot of the Obelisco in Buenos Aires.

Each year, the city of Buenos Aires offers shows free of charge to its residents, amongwhich the largest is the show presented at the Obelisk. The city’s busiest boulevard has been closed to make way for a stage and some several thousand spectators at the legendary Obelisk, erected in 1936.

2011 marked the event’s first ever showing of circus arts, which will take the form of a show specially created for the occasion by the 7 Fingers.

This special creation, directed by Fingers co-founder Gypsy Snider, explored the idea that nothing belongs to us individually and  thatthe world is our common home. It addresses the conflict between the ego and the collective, between individualism and the group; and examines the eternal tensions that allow the evolution of our species.

10,000 people were at the foot of the Obelisk for the event!

The presentation was the third booking for The 7 Fingers in Buenos Aires, and was a tremendous privilege for the Collective.