The gripping production fused loud rock, electronic and hip-hop music with circus, cabaret and modern dance elements and Thom Browne-designed costumes.
The Wall Street Journal

Divine Decadence.
Time Out New York



The immersive, wild “Queen” show included a writhing naked woman, eyedroppers of olive juice squirted into guests’ mouths, an arty torture chamber, acrobats hanging from the ceiling, and a menu including whole pigs and lobsters served in bird cages.
New York Post

Queen of the Night

A fusion of theatre, music, circus, magic, haute cuisine, and design that welcomes the audience into a wholly immersive theatrical experience. 

Closed to the public for several decades, The Diamond Horseshoe reopened in 2013, to be home to Queen of the Night. The evening of decadence, debauchery and abundance is carried by a powerful circus show at the centre of it all, inches away at your table, or traveling through corridors. 

Creation 2014 I 600+ perfromences in New York