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An experimental and human voyage

Stuck on the highest branch of a tree, two sisters of royal blood disagree about their future and wonder how and if they will ever find their way back to their kingdom.
Guided by an inner voice, they follow their path, and in their search of the golden key... they find the prince.
An absurd tug of war takes place in which the potion meant for Death and the potion meant for Love, are alas, interchanged.
Now what will become of «happily ever after» ?

A subtly absurd fable. A fantastic realm filled with symbols.
A world where the landscape is made of sounds, smells and images.
A story with theatrical movement and flavours of circus.
An urge to dance, to tell a story.

Production Blueline Productions and Les 7 doigts de la main 
Original Idea Ayin de Sela, and Miriam de Sela
Direction Gypsy Snider in collaboration with Sky De Sela

On Stage Ayin de SelaMiriam de SelaWilliam Underwood and Sarah Pagé

Set and Props Design Ayin de Sela, Miriam de Sela and Olivier Brie
Light Design Matthieu Sampic
Sound Ingeneer Julien Woittequant
Photographies Alexandra Karam 
Video Design Lluvia de Sela (Mélodie Rondeau) and Laure Saint-Hillier 
Costume Design Ayin de Sela and Miriam de Sela
Choreography Consultant Shana Carroll
Acrobatic Consultant Francisco Cruz

Production Director Pauline Dumortier, Alice Renucci and Juliette Grandmottet
Tour Director Juliette Grandmottet
Technical Director Olivier Brie
Props Construction Franck Royer 
Conception/fabrication of the Perfum Table Thomas Lefebvre
Costumes Confection Anna-Maria Manz

Musical Director Sarah Pagé
Composers Lhasa de Sela, Sarah Pagé, Jonah Fortune.
Recording and mixing Vid Cousins, Sarah Pagé, Jonah Fortune.
Musicians Sarah Pagé (harp, koto, guitar, percussion and voice), Jonah Fortune (bass and shakuhachi), Joe Grass (pedal steel guitar), Jason Sharp (saxophones and fujara), Robbie Kuster (drums and percussion), Lhasa de Sela (voice and piano), Sam Shalabi (oud), Shawn Mativetsky (tablas), Will Underwood (guitar and voice), Nadah El Shazly (voice), Jerôme Lapierre, Rick Haword (guitar), Mélanie Auclair (drum and voice)

Creation Residencies Château de Monthelon (France), Teatro Dimitri (Switzerland), Les 7 doigts de la main (Quebec),
Coproduction Thomas Lightburn (Canada)

Arthur H, Patrick Watson, Marcia Césped Laplechade, Celine Gastine, Mischa Karam, Alex Sela, Famille Dimitri and Emmanuel Pouilly, Sky de Sela