"The music lends warmth with its blend of acoustic guitar, traditional drum and throat singing, while the superb lighting design and video projections create the magic of the spirit world."
Ottawa Citizen

More than anything, Unikkaaqtuat feels like a gift from the North—a sharing that not only redefines, once again, how “circus” arts can be used, but adds to the ever-growing wealth of original storytelling emerging from Canada’s Indigenous voices.
The Georgia Straight

Beautiful, vibrant Unikkaaqtuat brings Inuit creation stories to life.
Ottawa Citizen

So powerful. So majestic. So awesome – in the word’s truest sense.
Vancouver Present

Unikkaaqtuat shares magic of Inuit myth with heartfelt authenticity.
The Georgia Straight

“A feast for the senses, not only beautifully executed and gracefully performed, but also important because it provides an eye-opening perspective of life in the Far North.”
Ottawa Citizen

Unikkaaqtuat is a spellbinding, meaningful experience for anyone wishing to explore beyond the conventional scopes of theatrical production. Live a little! Take a step outside the familiar, and learn. Experience Unikkaaqtuat. You will be glad you did.
Review Vancouver

Unikkaaqtuat Mesmerize and Enchant
Entertainement Vancouver

A sincere and generous gift from the rich traditions of several northern peoples.
Collin Thomas

The show is about the transmission of intergenerational knowledge and the healing power of oral history. 
Dr. Michelle La Flamme



Inuit founding myths are the inspiration for Unikkaaqtuat, a cross-cultural blending of theatre, circus arts, music, and video.
The actors, musicians, and acrobats of Unikkaaqtuat perform in a world of shadows and video projections, transporting us to an ancient realm where life did not known death, days had not seen nights.

Set to highlight the talent of Inuit artists on a national and international platform, and foster a unique environment for cross-cultural collaboration to flourish within and beyond the project.
The show is designed to travel the world, as well as on a smaller scale to reach northern communities.
Shaped by a culturally diversified cast of 11 performers, musicians, and similarly distinct designers and technicians, the show combines storytelling, acrobatics, music, and video in a ground-breaking 90 minute performance.
The video content of Unikkaaqtuat will be created by Inuit illustrator Germaine Arnaktauyok and directed by Neil Christopher. Their vast repertoire and knowledge of work centering on Inuit myths guides the core of this project in harmony and respect of Inuit oral traditions.

World premiere in Ottawa

Interview with Ici Radio Canada

Artist Talks
Interview with Neil Christopher, artistic director
A Review of Unikkaaqtuat by Dr. Michelle La Flamme

Original Idea Neil Christopher
Executive Producer Les 7 doigts de la main
A collaboration between ArtCirq, The 7 Fingers & Taqqut Productions Inc.

Developed with support from the Canada Council for the Arts (New Chapter), National Arts Centre (National Creation Fund), Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec, Conseil des arts de Montréal, Qikiqtani InuitAssociation (Ilagliktunut Fund), Government of Nunavut (Department of Economic Development and Transportation), First Air, Power Corporation of Canada and Telus.

Script, Artistic Direction & Staging Patrick Léonard (The 7 Fingers co-Founder), Terence Uyarak (Artcirq co-Artistic Director), Guillaume Ittukssarjuat Saladin (Artcirq co-Artistic Director), Neil Christopher (Taqqut co-Director)
Dramaturgic Consultation Staging Support Illustration Germaine Arnaktauyok
Illustrations Germaine Arnaktauyok

Prologue Neil Christopher
Old stories Terence Uyarak 
Hospital scenes dialogues Patrick Leonard

Musics Felix Boisvert, Rita Claire Mike-Murphy, Charlotte Qamaniq, Joshua Qaumariaq, Cristine Tootoo, Terence Uyarak 
Throat Singing Rita Claire Mike-Murphy, Charlotte Qamaniq, Cristine Tootoo
Guitar Joshua Qaumariaq, Terence Uyarak 

Pissiq : Maani Susan Avingaq
Ulluriat Terence Uyarak 

Video Element & Animation Neil Christopher Taqqut Productions Inc.
Sound Design Félix Boisvert
Lighting Design Bruno Rafie 
Set & Props Claude Roussel
Scenography Creative Team
Costumes Kilue Cie inspired by the drawings of Germaine Arnaktauyok
Scenography & Costumes Collaboration Cloé Alain-Gendreau
Props and Masks Realisation Claude Roussel
Set & acrobatics props Patrick Léonard, Guillaume Ittukssarjuat Saladin
Acrobatic Coach Francisco Cruz
Endless rope, idea, conception and choreography Irena Purschke

Direction of creation Geneviève Dupéré
Production Manager Peter Balov – (phase 1 Antoine Protat)
Technical Director Peter Balov (Phase 1 Olivier Gaudet-Savard)
Tour Director & Stage manager for phase 1 Jacinthe Racine

Head Rigger & Head Carpenter  Stéphane Beauchet
Sound engineer Peter Balov
LX Board Operator Rasmus Sylvest
Video animation Matt Hoddy and Leslie Pulsifer (Taqqut Productions), Amanda Sandand (Inhabit Education Tindur Péturs)
Set, props & costumes collaboration Cloé Alain-Gendreau
Costumes adjustments  Olivia Watson
Scenography Consultant Anna Cappelluto

Artists from creation first period Rita Claire Mike-Murphy, Charlie Mark, Jacky Qrunnut, Damien Tulugajuk

Igloolik creation residency Blackbox artistic community of Igloolik, Artcirq members, Geneviève Bernier

Production Manager, Les 7 Doigts Luc Paradis
Production Coordinator, Artcirq Florence Cardinal-Picard
Production Coordinator, Les 7 Doigts Eva Patenaude
Technical Director, Les 7 Doigts Olivier Rosa
Technical Coordinator, Les 7 Doigts Nicolas Lemieux