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1001 Nights : The Last Chapter

In 2019, UNESCO named the Emirates of Sharjah the year’s Book Capital of the World.  This unique performance was commissioned, written, created and performed in Sharjah for that year’s International Book Fair, to mark this occasion and celebration.

Imagined as an undiscovered “last chapter” of the famous Scheherazade legends, The Last Chapter is set as Scheherazade herself lies at her death bed, encouraging her 3 adult children on several quests for items seemingly needed for her recovery. As it turns out these items were not for her recovery at all, but to ensure and proliferate the essential art of book-writing and storytelling.

With a cast of 40 acrobats and dancers, a 32-piece live orchestra, massive, state-of-the-art video projections and set design, and even a real horse on stage, The Last Chapter was an epic performance celebrating literacy, folklore, and cultural exchange.

Al Majaz Production Developed by Multiple International in partnership with The 7 Fingers and AIM

Director of Creation Philippe Skaff
Show Director Sébastien Soldevila
Content Creative Director Richard Lindsay

Chief Executive Producer Wassim Rizk
Executive Producer Tina Diab
Technical Director/ Executive Producer Nick Levitt

Set Designer Olivier Landreville
Lighting Designer Éric Champoux
Choreographer Geneviève Dorion-Coupal
Costume Designer James Lavoie
Music Composer Maxim Lepage
Sound Design Mar Vreeken