1001 Nights : The Last Chapter

The lights open on 1001 Nights: The Last Chapter twenty years after Scheherazade’s improbable union to Shahryar.

But our legendary raconteuse has fallen ill. Shahryar and the couple’s children face an almost unrecognizable Scheherazade, void of her once fabulous stories and on the brink of her death. It is now up to her children to craft a plan and cure their ailing mother. And so the familiar turn of events is summersaulted gorgeously upside down as the two bothers and the sister step into the role of the storyteller with unexpected aplomb.  

As this new, unwritten tale unfolds, movement and dance burst forth; language, calligraphy, and scripted alphabets rise between acrobats, actors, and musicians. Characters multiply. A tower of book spines takes form. Readers will recognize jinn darting across the stage, dancing viziers and horse-vaulting princes: nods to beloved creatures and images from the ancient tale.

Al Majaz Production Developed by Multiple International in partnership with The 7 Fingers and AIM

Director of Creation Philippe Skaff
Show Director Sébastien Soldevila
Content Creative Director Richard Lindsay

Chief Executive Producer Wassim Rizk
Executive Producer Tina Diab
Technical Director/ Executive Producer Nick Levitt

Set Designer Olivier Landreville
Lighting Designer Éric Champoux
Choreographer Geneviève Dorion-Coupal
Costume Designer James Lavoie
Music Composer Maxim Lepage
Sound Design Mar Vreeken