3 Géants

PVM Esplanade, Place Ville Marie

A group of workers who thrive on hard work and who flourish when together have stormed this construction site for several moons. These men and women are put to work in a highly acrobatic way to finalize this titanic undertaking and give life to this scrap metal giant. Together, they work with perseverance, authenticity, passion, conviction, stubbornness and resilience. The heart, the apparent focus of emotional turmoil, becomes the allegorical representation of the creative drive.

Inspired by the intuitive movement of Les Automatistes, we offer a show that celebrates creativity in its most instinctive and visceral form. A metaphor invoking the power that collectivity can wield. A praise of the greater than self, these giants exist because we create them, because we make them live.

Video - Construction
VIdeo - Teaser

Artistic Direction and Staging Isabelle Chassé & Patrick Léonard

Lighting Design Bruno Rafie
Scenography and Props Design Mariane Benny-Perron
Music Laurence Lafond-Beaulne & Camille Poliquin
Acrobatic Design Jérôme Lebaut
Costumes Design Elen Ewing
Make-up Design Véronique St-Germain 

Production Director Maude St-Pierre
Artistic Coordinator & Stage Manager Laurence Dupont
Technical Director Antoine Grenier
Head Rigger Renaud-Pierre Marois-Sergerie
Scenography Assistant Amélie Charbonneau
Costume Assistant Pascale Bassani 
Programming & Light Operator Gabriel Fournier-El Ayachi
Programming & Sound Operator Jerome Guilleaume
Dresser Fany Mc Crae

On Stage 
Maxime Blanckaert, Victor Crépin, Téo Le Baut, Claire Hopson, Jack Mc Garr, Marina Mendoza, Zoé Sanscartier, Maël Tran, Maxwell Yentin, Yury Paulau.

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