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Brume was created by Francisco Cruz and presented in August 2021 in the Old Port of Montreal.

As the fog lifts and the circus emerges from the clouds, a collective of artists has gathered to perform once again for an art-hungry public. Moving through the urban landscape, ephemeral artistic moments will push the boundaries of circus technique in a nod to traditional circus by putting the audience on the edge of their seats with moments of pure acrobatic virtuosity. It's time to resurface in front of a live audience and share with them our love of audacity and circus arts. 

Direction Francisco Cruz

With Maxime Blanckaert, Nathan Briscoe, Michael Carter, Victor Crepin, Adeline Cruz, Charlotte Gagnon, Claire Hopson, Kevin Gohou, Ian Labelle, Théo Le Baut, Jack McGarr, Marina Mendoza, Martin Regouffre, Zoé Sanscartier, Frida Velasco, Max Yentin

Production Manager Alice Renucci
Technical Director Michel Bisson
Music Antoine Seychal
Acrobatic Coach Jérôme Le Baut
Costumes Camille Thibault Bédard