Designed especially for this edition of Montreal en Lumière, Cadence takes you on a journey through the history of skating including figure skating, ice dancing, acrobatic barrel jumps, in addition to more novel forms such as ice acrobatics, Cyr wheel, and an ice rink turned skate park.

Outside Free Show
February 24th to March 5th at 6:30pm and 8:30pm
Esplanade Tranquille’s outdoor skating rink in the Quartier des spectacles.
Follow us to not miss it the next performances

Direction and staging  Sébastien Soldevila 

Production Direction Kathleen Gagnon 
Technical Direction Antoine Grenier 
Assistant to the Direction and Stage Manager Charlotte Legault 
Original Music Maxim Lepage 
Original Music and Composer' AssistantAntoine Seychal 
Choreography, coaching and Artistic Ice Skater Casting  Markey international Art group 
Choregraphy Consultant Geneviève-Dorion Coupal  
Casting and training - Extreme Ice Skaters  Jean-Damien Climonet 
Direction - Handstand Act  Isabelle Chassé 
Acrobatic Equipment Design  Fred Gérard 

Realization of the Cyr Wheel on ice Atelier R.B
Training - Couple "Portées" Émilie Bonnavaud 
Lighting Design  Éric Champoux 
Video Baillat Studio in collaboration with Supply and Demand (Olivier Goulet) 
Costumes Design James Lavoie Costumes making Atelier de couture Dominique Dubé et Julie Sauriol
Set Design Jeanne Ménard Leblanc and Olivier Landreville 
Make-Up Design Amélie Bruneau-Longpré 
Acrobatic Equipment Production Elia Select (CRITAC) 
Assistant - Costumes Design Julia Metzger 
Production support Maude St-Pierre 
Production Assistant Catherine Lambert 

Backstage managment Nicole Elliott et Joe Villacrusis

Sound Operator Jérôme Guillaume 
Light Opérator Stéphane Lecavalier 
Head Machinist Samuel Maillé 
Machinist Huw StewartAlexandre Quevillon et Dylan Moriarity
Ramps Production SceneEthique 
Light Tracking VYV and Elevation IT 

Ice Skaters Paul Ayer, Martin Barrau, Yuma Baudoin, Emmy Bronsard, Maximin Coia, Silja Dos Reis, Alicia Fabbri, Kevin Lapierre, Marie-Jade Lauriault, Romain Le Gac, Hannah Lim, Dean Moriarity, Yé Quan, Jacob Richmond, Shawn Sawyer 
Circus Artists Robert Cookson et Marie-Ève Dicaire 
MC  Patrick Léonard 
Voice over Alain Goldberg and Alexia Gourd