Carry Me Home

A live and virtual journey into the creative mind of singer/songwriter Didier Stowe. 

Through an exceptional combination of music, circus, dance, and theatrical performances, together with real-time motion capture and virtual reality technology, Carry Me Home, invites audiences around the world to an inspiring, meaningful, and uplifting event. A tribute to the mind’s incredible capacity to imagine, dream, and create — a truly unique human trait that connects us all. 

Carry Me Home is the first concert of the LiViCi Series.

LiViCi – Live and Virtual Circus – is an entirely new type of cross-reality entertainment: a single live event experienced simultaneously by in-person spectators and online audiences participating via livestream video and an interactive online portal where participants can experience the live performance from within the 3D digital world of Carry Me Home.


International livestreams. (You can view from anywhere through a web browser on a computer with internet access)
Purchase tickets for online experience on Maestro
• Choose Livestream to see the show on any screen 
• Choose Interactive 3D Experience to watch and explore the virtual venue like in a video game !

Vancouver and San Francisco: 1:00pm and 6:00pm PDT 
Montréal: 4:00pm and 9:00pm EDT 
Paris: 10pm and June 5th 3am CET 
London: 9:00pm and June 5th 2:00am BST 
New Zealand: June 5th 8:00am and 1:00pm NZST 

Vancouver in-person
1:00pm and 6:00pm PDT
Purchase tickets on Eventbrite (25$ CDN)
(Animatrik Film Design Studios, 4088 1st Avenue, Burnaby, B.C.)



What is a hybrid performance? / What is the international livestream format of a LiViCi show? / What is the interactive 3D format of a LiViCi show? / How is virtual production used in the in-person show at the Animatrik Film Design studio? / What is the 4-Audience model ?...

Press Release

May 3rd, 2022 - The 7 Fingers and Shocap Entertainment debut XR hybrid circus show, LiViCi, Carry Me Home onstage and online to audiences worldwide this June

Supported by Epic Mega Grant

Support from Epic Games helps drive Shocap Entertainment’s innovative expansion into live XR performance with The 7 Fingers, building its own virtual production software.

Canada Media Fund for XR concerts, The LiViCi Series

We have been awarded major production funding from the Canada Media Fund (CMF) for The LiViCi Series, Live & Virtual Circus – a set of unique and interactive live XR circus and music performances.

Co-conceived and co-created by Samuel Tétreault and Athomas Goldberg
A production by Les 7 Doigts and Shocap Entertainement
Executive Producer/Producer Tina Diab (The 7 Fingers), Nassib El-Husseini (The 7 Fingers), Athomas Goldberg (Shocap), Brett Ineson (Shocap), Stephanie Ineson (Shocap) and Sang Mah (Shocap)
Artistic Director & Show Director Samuel Tétreault 
XR Creative Director Athomas Goldberg
XR Production & Operations - Producer Stefanie Ineson 
Artistic coordinator and Production director Emanuelle Kirouac
Scenography and illustrations Robert Massicotte
Costume designer Camille Thibault-Bédard
Technical director Louis Héon 
General stage manager Laurence Dupont
Environment Artist (Unreal) Emily Cho
Environment Artist (Unreal) Joel Wynd
Animatrik Film Design Team Ben Murray 
(Performance Capture Supervisor) Lucas Kot (Motion Capture Specialist)
Music and Lyrics Didier Lemire Stowe

Voice, Piano, Guitar & Trampo-Wall Didier Lemire Stowe
Dance & Arial Ring Verónica Herrera
Dance & Hair-Hanging Alma Danira Quintanar Valenzuela
Dance & Acrobatics Geovany Mora Escalante
Hoop Diving & Dance Dina Sok


With the support of