Duel Reality (On tour)

Duel Reality will be presented at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival from August 4th to August 26th.


We boil this epic love story down to the core of its conflict and drop the stage into a sporting arena. 

The audience witness to two groups in opposition by default, by desire to rise above the other. 

Through the provocation and conflict, we catch a glimpse of our star crossed lovers. They are fierce players but still do not seem to care who wins or loses if playing the game can bring them closer together. 

Competition can be playful at times, it can also be dangerously serious.


Production Les 7 doigts de la main

Originally produced and created with Virgin Voyages

Direction Shana Carroll 

With Nicolas Jelmoni, Soen Geirnaert, Danny Vrijsen, Einar Kling-Odencrants, Anni Küpper, Andreas De Ryck, Aerial Emery ou Méliejade Tremblay-Bouchard, Andrew Price, Kalani June, Arata Urawa

Musical Director and Composer: Colin Gagné 
Lighting Designer: Alexander Nichols
Costumes Designer: Camille Thibault-Bédard
Production Director: Maude St-Pierre
Technical Director: Simon Carrière
Technical Coordinator: Audrey Belzile
Assistant to the Artistic Director: Anna Kichtchenko
Acrobatic Coach: Francisco Cruz


Tour Manager: Christelle Vitupier or Kevin Bissonnette
Technical Director and Sound Engineer: Francis-Olivier Métras
Light Operator: Alejandro Ahumada
Rigger: Pascal Lacas

Special thanks to Gypsy Snider, Héloïse Bourgeois
Thanks to : Bruno Archambault, Pascale Bassani, Erwann Bernard, Jonathan Bicari, Yohan Durand, Mathieu Ferdais, Marco Ingaramo, Ruben Ingwersen, Nicolas Jelmoni, Anna Kichtchenko, Chloé Lacroix, Sarah Lavergne, Jérémi Levesque, Charlotte O’Sullivan, Natasha Patterson, Anne-Séguin Poirier, Pablo Pramparo, Andrew Price, Alice Renucci, Naomie Slabber, Véronique St-Germain, Mark Eden Towle, William Underwood