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Un cadeau du Dieu des arts de la scène.
Le Devoir

Un grand cirque extraordinaire.
La Presse

Salué comme une pure merveille de Sidney à Berlin.
Le Devoir

L’un des spectacles les plus brillants de la décennie.
Arts de la Piste

Précipitez-vous pour voir ce spectacle qui rend franchement heureux.
Le Droit


First creation of the Collective, Loft originally put on stage the seven co-founders of Les 7Doigtswith DJ Pocket. 

Soaring, somersaulting, contorting, balancing, catapulting — there are no boundaries to their modes of expression — and in this ordinary setting the extraordinary never fails to surprise.

Imagination is the jet-fueled vehicle of travel, and the strange lands visited are the desires/ dreams/ impulses/ follies of the characters themselves, as they strip down layer by layer to their own idiosyncratic cores. The action unfolds in a loft, as seven close friends employ every object at their disposal — apples, shoes, bathtubs, flashlights, knives, lampshades, Barbie dolls — to entertain themselves in the monotony of their daily lives. The eclectic score orchestrates the various mood changes, from swing to rap to techno to tango, and occasionally the members of the cast explore their own musical talents live on stage.

A mix of state-of-the-art circus skills, intimate theatre, dynamic avant-garde dance, Indy soundtrack, and live video projections.

Creation 2002 I Almost 900 performances

Les 7 Doigts

Les 7 Doigts

Original Cast Shana Carroll, Isabelle Chassé, Patrick Léonard, DJ Pocket, Faon Shane, Sébastien Soldevila, Gypsy Snider, Samuel Tétreault

Assistant Director Francisco Cruz
Stage-Manager Jérémi Guilbault-Asselin
Hand to Hand Coach Jérôme Le Baut
Lighting Design Jean Laurin
Sound Design Les 7 Doigts in collaboration with DJ Pocket, Pierre-Olivier Perron, Francisco Cruz
Original Compositions Main à main, DJ Pocket / Back and Forth, Assaf Gleizner

Video Design Olivier Tétreault
Costumes Design Manon Desmarais
Set Design Les 7 Doigts in collaboration with André Labbé

Production Manager Luc Paradis
Technical Directors Alexandre Lemay & Yves Touchette
Technical Coordinator Chloé Rondeau
Sound Technician Sébastien Marion

With the support of