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Mon île, mon coeur


What makes one fall in love with a city? What makes one decide to stay, reclaim it as their own, as their home?

In “My Island, My Heart”, The 7 Fingers uses their signature fusion of acrobatics, theatre, dance and multimedia to tell the story of a foreigner who has relocated to Montreal. Initially following a love interest, that relationship soon disintegrates, and yet the relationship with the city itself continues to flourish, and proves enduring. Our protagonist followed one love but found another: a veritable true love for Montreal itself.

Presented as an immersive circus cabaret, the show celebrates our beloved city in the river-- its pounding, thriving cultural pulse, its intriguing contradictions, its unique beauty.

Direction and Staging Shana Carroll
Assistant to the Director Anna Kichtchenko 
Lighting & Video Artistic Direction Yves Aucoin
Video Design Alexander Nichols
Scenography & Props Design Ana Cappellutto
Musical Direction Colin Gagné
Original Music Colin Gagné & Raphaël D'Amours
Costumes Design Camille Thibault-Bédard
Choreography Shana Carroll in collaboration with Marie-Christine Fournier, Natasha Patterson, Pablo Pramparo, Sam Renaud, Brin Schoellkopf, Louis-David Simoneau, Will Underwood, Marilou Verschelden 

Marie-Christine Fournier, Didier Lucien, Natasha Patterson, Pablo Pramparo, Samuel Renaud, Brin Schoellkopf, Louis-David Simoneau, Will Underwood, Marilou Verschelden

Texts Shana Carroll and Jean Philippe Lehoux
Translation Maureen Roberge
Acrobatic Coaching Francisco Cruz, Luc Tremblay & Jérémi Lévesque
Lyrics Shana Carroll & Colin Gagné
Scenography and Props Assistant Bruno-Pierre Houle & Émily Tucker
Costumes Assistants Danaëlle LareauCatherine Veri & Carolina Rodriguez
Vocal Coaching Estelle Esse

Executive Producer Lyne Dufresne (France Film) & Tina Diab (Les 7 doigts de la main)
Line Producer Camille Gagnon-Chalifour (France Film)
Production Manager Maude St-Pierre
Technical Direction Jérémi Guilbault-Asselin & Louis Héon
Artistic Coordinator Laurence Dupont & Karine Dupont
Stage Manager Karine Perron
Rigger Marc GauthierMichelle Winter & Isabelle Dionne
Video Integrator The Fury
Light Operator Gabriel Fournier-El Ayachi
Sound Operator Didier Bergeron
Dresser Florence Mercille