Unique, world-class circus acts.
Moskovskaya Pravda (Russia)


The most unusual and risk-filled production ever.
Izvestia (Russia)

Mr. Soldevila deserves credit for finding a unique correlation of music and circus in which neither art form overtakes the other.
Kommersant (Russia)

The audience is transfixed.
Nezavisimaya Gazeta (Russia)

Muscovites have never before seen such a bright and risk-filled show.
Argumenty i fakty (Russia)

Incredibly beautiful and unique acrobatics that can been seen—perhaps for the first time—not in a circus ring, but on the stage of a theatre.
Komsomolskaya Pravda  (Russia)


A unique correlation of music and circus in which neither art form overtakes the other.
Kommersant (Russia)

Princesse de Cirque



A contemporary version of the cult operetta The Circus Princess.

The Moscow Musical Theatre and The 7 Fingers collaborated to restage a modern version of the classic operetta Die Zirkusprinzessin (The Circus Princess) by the Hungarian composer Emmerich Kalman. Kalman’s original work first appeared in Vienna in 1926 and is beloved across Eastern Europe, spawning countless renditions and even 3 films.

This 2016 unique version lent several new genres to the classic operetta, including musical theatre, circus and contemporary dance. The circus acts were not only key to the dramaturgy (while in previous versions, rarely executed) but added the element of elevated stakes and danger as the story unfolded.

Since its premiere in 2016, Princess of Circus continues to play in repertory at the Moscow Musical Theatre, running for several months a year. It was nominated for five Golden Mask Awards in 2017.

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Video Report on Radio-Canada (French)
Golden Mask // 4 nominations

The Circus Princess is nominated in 4 categories for the prestigious Russian awards : Operetta-Musical Best Production, Best Director, Best Actor, and best supporting actress.

Interview with Sébastien Soldevila

Now opening its 4th season, The Circus Princess has had more performances than any show in the history of the Moscow Musical Theatre. Here director Sebastien Soldevila speaks of the genesis and process of this ambitious collaboration.

Duration 3h
Age 12 +

Music Imre Kalman 
Author of the libretto Sebastian Soldevila (Les 7 Doigts)Marina ShvydkayaAlexei Ivashchenko 
Direction Sebastian Soldevila (Les 7 Doigts)Marina Shvydkaya
Choreography Geneviève Dorion-Coupal
Chroreography assistance Natalya Terekhova
Scenography Olivier Landreville
Light Eric Champoux
Music Arrangement Yuri Poteenko
Costumes Nick Velehzhaninova
Make-up Marina Dyakov
Technical Direction Lina Polonskaya
Executive Production Alisa Aleshchenko
C.E.O. Alexander Novikov
Production David Smelyansky
Artistic Direction Mikhail Chvydkaï