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Fabulous and fascinating! Everything, the lighting, the music, the theme and the artists blend into a harmonic whole and as an audience you are left speechless and moved.
Kulturnaut, Copenhaguen, Denmark, 2011

An amazing journey through different ways of conceiving the world and the aesthetic, a fascinating mix of disciplines and languages
El Universal, Mexico, 2007

The artistic direction is magnificient. Exquisite artists combine to perfection a sensible and intimate universe with the highest and most refined physical skills.
La Nation, Buenos Aires, Argentina, 2012

You are left with the desire to go see it again and the hope they will keep travelling to conquer other parts of the world with their creativity.
Arte Criticas, Buenos Aires, Argentina, 2012

A superb contemporary circus show plays intelligently with the big questions in life
Jyllandsposten, Copenhaguen, Denmark, 2011

Projet Fibonacci

Ambitious initiative of international collaboration, the Fibonacci Project is driven by the belief that through artistic expression we can build bridges between cultures and promote a greater sense of solidarity. The objective of the project is the creation of a multidisciplinary show based on collaborations between artists from different cultures.

The Fibonacci Project is realized through a series of creation residencies in different countries around the world. Each of these residencies aim towards the creation of a renewed and unique show based on a “creation game” with 3 fundamental rules. 

Rule 1:
There are two creative teams: the “touring team”, composed of the artists and collaborators of The 7 Fingers travelling with the project and the “hosting team”, composed of the local artists and collaborators involved in a specific residency. Rather than competing against each other, both teams are collaborating together to create the best show possible!

Rule 2:
Each residency is like a creative marathon where the artists are allowed only 21 days for the creation of the show before the beginning of public performances.

Rule 3: 
The creation of the show is based on a recurring structure of eight tableaux, one for each of the first eight numbers of the Fibonacci sequence (0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21). Each of these tableaux represent the canvas where the artists are invited to create their artwork inspired by predetermined themes associated with each of the first eight Fibonacci numbers. 

More Information

Creation residencies:
Melbourne - 2019 I Marrakech - 2016
I Buenos Aires - 2012 I Copenhagen - 2011 I Barcelona - 2010 I Copenhagen - 2009 I Veracruz - 2009 I Montreal - 2008 I Igloolik - 2008 I Mexico City - 2007

VIDEO // Melbourne 2019

Project presentation

VIDEO // 2007 - 2016 Demo

Medley of past editions 

VIDEO // Copenhaguen 2011

Show trailer

VIDEO // Mexico 2007

Project presentation

The 7 Fingers

Samuel Tétreault


MARRAKECH (Morocco, April 2016)
Local Parner Marrakech Biennale Association

BUENOS AIRES (Argentina, June/July 2012)
Local Partner Polo Circo

COPENHAGEN (Denmark, May/June 2011)
Local Partners Republique Teater

BARCELONA (Spain, Nov. 2010)
Local Partners Mercat de les Flors, La Central del Circ

COPENHAGEN (Denmark, Nov./Dec. 2009)
Local partner Republique Teater

VERACRUZ & MEXICO CITY (Mexico, Feb. 2009)
Local Partners Artcirq, Cirko De Mente, Centro Veracruzano de la Artes, Teatro de la Ciudad

MONTREAL (Quebec, Canada), July 2008
Local Partners Artcirq, Cirko De Mente, TOHU

IGLOOLIK, (Nunavut, Canada), June 2008
Local Partners ArtcirqCirko De MenteIgloolik CommunityAlianait Festival

MEXICO CITY (Mexico), Feb. 2007
Local partners Cirko De Mente, Centro Nacional de las Artes


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