Pub Royal

The musical of Les Cowboys Fringants

Welcome to our home!
Welcome to the craziest bar in Quebec.
Welcome to the universe of PUB ROYAL, created from several great hits and new songs by Les Cowboys Fringants!

• Quebec City, 22-26 Nov.,2023
• Montreal, Dec. 6, 2023 - Jan. 6, 2024
• Trois-Rivières, May 29 - June 1st, 2024
• Sherbrooke, Oct. 4 - 5, 2024


A Production by La Tribu & Les 7 doigts de la main 
Songs and Music: Les Cowboys Fringants
Author of the script and stage director: Sébastien Soldevila
Music director and composer: Jean-François Pauzé

Author of the dialogues: Olivier Kemeid
Choreographer  Geneviève Dorion Coupal
Musical Director: Daniel Lacoste
Set Designer: Olivier Landreville
Lighting Designer: Éric Champoux
Costumes Designer: Sylvain Genois
Props Designer: Alain Jenkins
Hair and Make-up: Virginie Bachand

Creative production manager: Kathleen Gagnon
Technical director: Louis Héon
Assistant directors: Charlotte Legault and Émilie Bonnavaud
Assistant choreographer: Jacinthe Pauzé
Co-choreographer on an act : Rahmane Belkebiche
Vocal coach: Jason McNally
Voice, Diction, and Interpretation Coach: Luc Bourgeois
Music coordinator: Antoine Seychal
Acrobatic Designer: Stéphane Bayol
Assistant production director: Béatrice Gingras
Stage manager: Clémence Lavigne
Sound engineer: Didier Bergeron
Head rigger: Vincent Houle
Rigger: Nicolas Belle-Isle
Head electrician and touring lighting designer: Gabriel Fournier-El Ayachi
Sound Director: Pierre Perreault et François Laporte
Dresser: Mélodie Goulet
Tour Manager: Vincent Boucher
Assistant costume designer: Pascale Bassani
Lighting programmer: David Rondeau
Assistant to the Technical Director : Juliette Farcy
Sound Assistant : Francis Brisebois
Video Operator : Dominic Hawry
Video Technic : La Fougue
Set construction consultant: Étienne Cazabon Boucher
Workshop stage managers: Alice Renucci and Mark Eden-Towle
Production assistant: Zoé Kolic
Poster design: Pat Hamou

Actors/Actresses • Singers : Richard Charest, Martin Giroux, Alexia Gourd, Kevin Houle, Emilie Josset, Christian Laporte and Yvan Pedneault.

Dancers : Sunny Boisvert, Jamal Edem, Kennedy Henry, Merryn Kritzinger, Guillaume Michaud, Éric Olivier, and Elle Roy.

Circus Artists : Michael Carter, Victor Crépin, Marie-Eve Dicaire, Teo Le Baut, Kei Nguyen and Frida Velasco.