Ships in the Night will be featured onboard the “Scarlet Lady,” which will set sail towards the Caribbean in April 2020.

Two people who meet for a brief but intense moment and then part, never to see each other again.

This trans musical cabaret experience tells the story of two lonely souls living parallel lives. A twist on the classic “boy meets girl” as told by our “boy is girl” narrator who leads us on a musical journey through a day in the life of our two heroes. On their daily grind, these two unfulfilled millennials are seeking more than their binary identities in the big city. Is this song and dance just a quest for love? Will love complete them?  Or is this the story of an unconscious collision with self realization? 
Inspired by the iconic music video, Ships in the Night combines electrifying contemporary dance choreographed to the sound track of a life time immersed in sublime stage projections.

Ships in the Night is an all inclusive, full gender spectrum, glorious spectacle.

Audition for the ride of your life.

New York, London, Berlin, Sydney, Melbourne, Orlando, Chicago, Las Vegas.

Direction Gypsy Snider