Ships in the Night (Cruises Ships)

The thrilling exploration of passing connections.

“So on the ocean of life, we pass and speak one another, only a look and a voice, then darkness again and a silence”—Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Produced by The 7 Fingers, this edgy, strange and beautiful production explores how we, as humans, navigate the world—passing each other on the street without ever really knowing or understanding one another’s inner stories. Through the use of ethereal technology and electrifying choreography , we examine the significance (or insignificance) of incidental connection while on our own personal journeys.

. . . .

The 7 Fingers created 2 original, groundbreaking shows for Virgin Voyages, the brand-new cruise line of the Virgin Group Ltd.

Responding to the Virgin Group’s desire to redefine the cruising industry, to bring cutting edge quality entertainment that is bold, authentic, and representative of our times, 7 Fingers directors Shana Carroll and Gypsy Snider created Duel Reality and Ships in the Night, respectively.

Ships in the Night is featured onboard the “Scarlet Lady”


Direction Gypsy Snider

Assistant to the Artistic Direction Olaf Triebel
Production Manager Luc ParadisAlice Renucci et Sabrina Gilbert
Technical Director Mathieu Ferdais
Stage Manager Mark Eden Towle

Video Design Silent Partner
Video Creative Director Janicke Morissette (Silent Partner)
Motion Designer Mélanie Martin (Silent Partner)
Choreographer Geneviève Dorion Coupal
Choreographer Assistant Jacinthe Pauzé
Set, Costume and Props Designer Anne-Seguin Poirier
Project Manager Costumes Pascale Bassani
Project Manager Props Nadine Sigouin-Cantin
Projet Manager Music Antoine Seychal
Music Composer Colin Gagné
Sound Designer Jonathan Bicari and Liam Mc Dermott
Light Designer Erwann Bernard
Associate Light Designer Tabitha Rodman
Light Programmer Bruno Archambault
Hair and Make-Up Designer Véronique Saint-Germain

Current cast : Dominick Sanchez, Kamarick Mackey, Destiny Siegrest, Rick Delgado, Kayla Fett, Bianca Heard, Nina Soto, Makayla Wade, Jonathan Smith and Fredrick Barthell