"A fix of pure urban adrenaline
Mad, pulse-raising magic."

- New York Times

"A whole new kind of awe-inspiring theatre."

Les corps propulsés dans l’espace sont de vrais morceaux d’écriture. 

Tonique et touchant, jouissif et joyeux, envoûtant et amusant, sympathique et sublime…. 
Le Devoir

TOP 10 category “Plays and Musicals".
Time Magazine



"Give me the Fingers any time.
This is a show that sets the benchmark for modern circus eye-poppingly high."

- London Evening Standard


"The gorgeously pure, loose and personal circus show."
- Chicago Tribune

- Rolling Stone


​1 million spectators
1800 performances, 25 countries,  200 cities

Surprises, awes and delights at every turn.

7 friends tumble their way into a makeshift shelter, an impending catastrophe outside their canvas walls. They use this safe haven to leave their ‘traces’ -- on the audience, on humanity, on each other – with every means at their disposal: explosive acrobatics, music, dance, spoken-word, song, illustration. Traces blends circus skills with ‘street’ skills and aesthetic, posing the question: If the clock was ticking, how would you leave your trace?


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Les 7 doigts de la main 2003 Inc.

Direction & Choreography Shana Carroll Gypsy Snider

Original Cast :  Héloïse Bourgeois, Francisco Cruz, Raphael Cruz, Bradley Henderson, William Underwood

Head Coach Francisco Cruz
Set & Props Original Design Flavia Hevia
Set & Props Adaptation, Music & Soundscape Les 7 Doigts
Lights Nol van Genuchten
Costumes Manon Desmarais
Video Paul Ahad (MEDIA FX), André Biron (NEO6) & Les 7 Doigts
Props Adaptation Bruno Tassé
Piano/Guitar Coaches Raphael Cruz & Ben Nesrallah
Skateboard Coach Yann Fily-Paré
Artistic coordinator Marceline Goldstein

With the support of SODEC

With the support of